CHP / Biogas

Ecological power generation

Environmentally friendly heat transfer media from HAERTOL allow combined heat and power (CHP) systems and biogas facilities to continue supplying sustainable power.


Up with efficiency. Down with emissions.

Modern combined heat and power systems and biogas facilities are ideal for distributed, sustainable, and efficient electricity and heat generation for residential complexes, public buildings, and industrial and commercial facilities.

FROSTOX® antifreeze and heat transfer fluids ensure that combined heat and power systems and biogas facilities can work efficiently and flawlessly.

FROSTOX® W 35/65KanisterW35_36

FROSTOX® W 35/65 is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use heat transfer fluid for engines and heating systems based on monoethylene glycol for biogas plants and combined heat and power systems.

FROSTOX® W 35/65 ensures protection against freezing down to −20 °C (thanks to 35 % monoethylene glycol content). It contains high-quality corrosion inhibitors and provides optimal protection for all metals and alloys used in the system.

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Our FROSTOX® products are available in the following container sizes:


10-litre PE jug
20-litre PE jug
30-litre PE jug

60-litre drum
200-litre steel or PE drum

Tank trucks with capacities between 20 and 24 tons

Please inquire for additional container sizes if required.